Under 18’s Party is in Boston

We are happy to announce the latest collaboration with Under 18’s Night’sM&N Entertainment for ages between 14 to 17 in Boston and surrounded areas.

We have the green lights for the first one on Easter holidays and if it goes as we estimated, we will continue to provide this thrilling experience for all youngsters thru the year.

SET DATE: 29th March 2016Vain1_54_990x660_201406020312
Music Policy:
The very best in chart tunes, house, R’n’B, dubstep, UK garage, dance anthems, drum & bass, trap, hip-hop, UK bass, classics and more!

Prohibited Items
Any drinks of any sort, Alcoholic or non-alcoholic
Drugs or drug paraphernalia
Hats of any kind
Prohibited Actions
We are fully supportive of the anti-bullying campaign, anyone seen to be bullying will be removed and banned for 6 months from our events, and appropriate action will be taken.
Fighting at our events is strictly forbidden, anyone seen to be fighting will be removed and banned for 6 months from our events, and appropriate action will be taken.
Sexual activity at our events is strictly forbidden. Anyone seen to be getting to close to each other will be asked to stop immediately. Consuming any prohibited items at our events, Is not only illegal but is banned from in or outside our events, Those caught in possession with an illegal substance or alcohol will have it confiscated, they will be removed from our event and the police may be called.

Whilst In The Venue
hello_parentsWe have different kind of workers to ensure the safety of our customers they are as follows
Welfare officers: They provide the safety of the child, weather its getting them home once getting refused entry or removed or the child doesn’t have a phone to call home, Our welfare officers are there to lend a helping hand and to ensure the child is safe in situations when they need it.
S.I.A Badge Door staff: Our trusted S.I.A door team provide the security of the night, They will stop anyone who is under or over the correct age from entering, they are there to handle and fighting within the club as well (These are reminded they are dealing with minors and to take more care when removing a person if needed) we always supply at least 1x female door staff.
Spotters / Stewards: Our spotters and stewards are none hands on bodies. They are our eyes and ears for any problems that may arise on the night. They will have radio access to our S.I.A badge door staff and Welfare officers if needed this includes bar staff and DJ.
These members of our chosen team help keep things safe on the night and deal with problems if and when they arise. We also have CCTV recording on the night for any references at a later date. We do ask all our customers to be on their best behaviour on the night. If available in the venue, they will be a screen display on how to contact us anonymously if needed to via online communication.tickets

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