Pirana Nightclub
We are happy to announce two memberships to our guests, If you are going out to enjoy your self, make friends, interests of music, dance, then we would like you to join us with our Mem11403424_905671716145903_4401708549512113258_nbership and Enjoy Pirana all year around.

We strongly recommend everyone to join the membership as the membership will present Que Jump, elegant welcome and premier discounts  to our guests.

Please fill in the form below with all sections and we will call you from for mobile phone for the further steps.
Your information will be kept with in the only Pirana Nightclub communications. We will not share your information with any other third party companies or indivuduals at any time without your permission under the data protection act 1998. download the privacy policy below this page.

Our membership is limited subject to our capacity:
Which is a Annual Paid membership, includes Entry for two persons, Que Jump at all times that Pirana is open (  Friday – Saturday Nights)
The Loyalty Membership allows you que jump and discounted Entry fee at all times Pirana is open. We recently offering Free Entry on Friday and Saturday Nights subject to opening times.FullSizeRender-2
Please fill the form below and sent us, then  we will confirm your application with a warm phone call.



Pirana Nightclub Privacy Policy Web

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